The Effectiveness of E-Learning Through WhatsApp

This study aimed to describe the effectiveness of using WhatsApp for activities and learning outcomes to encourage research in students; To know the description of Student Responses in Using WhatsApp in learning activities.

The research design was used as a pre-test, post-test group design, and fifty random samplings. The instrument used a test instrument to describe questions and non-tests in a student questionnaire. The results showed that the t-test of learning outcomes obtained by t-count = 4.7 greater than 1.7 supported by the N-gain value of the experimental class of 0.72 compared to the control class of 0.54 the average the value of the innovative type is better than the control class.

The learning media based on WhatsApp applications have a proportion of 60.19% of learning outcomes. The learning activities through WhatsApp has a positive response for students with a questionnaire result of 83.05%.

ANASAH Channel

ANASAH Channel

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